Life passage.


The way is long and winding in this endless path of life

Of change you can be certain, of envyings and strife.

You carry in your backpack full many change of clothes

To wear amid the endless, ever-changing course of roles.


Sometimes the road seems pleasant and pleasing to the eye

The fields around are fertile as you go whizzing by.

Sometimes an empty dessert where nothing will take root

The seeds you toss just wither and never end in fruit.


Sometimes the wind is blowing and screaming in your face

Apposing forces leaping come all spinning in their race

And in opposing motion they briefly take you back

Reeling from their actions (that’s not written on the map!)


Sometimes ground’s firm beneath you, each onward step resolves

All things unto your purpose, life’s trials and problems solves.

Sometimes it’s wet and boggy not easy to the stride

And you must leave behind you the things that you would hide.


But ever in life’s purpose proceed upon this road

You know the clock is ticking, so shoulder on that load.

Each trial it has a purpose, each heavy wind that blows

Will tone those bones and sinews make strong the inner soul.



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