Man and nature, our timeless companion.

Having a nature day lol! I spent the morning weeding in the allotment (perfect weather) and the afternoon reading Chinese poems. Here’s one to share.
Watching the Waterfall at Lushan.
In sunshine, Censer Peak breathes purple vapor
Far off hangs the cataract, a stream upended:
Down it cascades a sheer three thousand feet –
As if the shining river (milky way) were falling from Heaven!
(Li Bai – he sure knew how the portray nature!)

3 thoughts on “Man and nature, our timeless companion.

  1. This is a Nice post. Thanks for posting. …For Long, had not been able even to understand Poetry. Now it seems to make sense to me. And this Poem is a Very good one, both in thought and imagery.
    My Only ‘contact’ with Nature comes when I am travelling by Bus or Train! Other than it, it is via my contact with my Cats, and Plants. …Should devote more Direct time. …When? 😦 🙂

    • Yes, he is one of my favourite Chinese poets. Though he lived in the 8th. century his words echo the voice of nature to the modern ear. Perhaps they were more aware back then with a slower, more natural lifestyle.
      Thank you for dropping by and taking time to comment. It’s always nice to hear someone else enjoyed a poem etc. I hope you can find time to enjoy nature more deeply sometimes, though cats and plants are indeed a blessing.

      • My Dear Claire, being a Sannyasi, and 71, puts me in one of those ‘Slower life style’ people!

        Am a Quite happy person, and my life goes in sharing what I have learnt. Do Enjoy Nature, when I get the chance, though!

        …Love and Regards. 🙂

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