Even grans can do it.


Two intensive days, five different boats, and a huge learning curve, yes I’m am now the possessor of a power boat 1&2 licence, completed the day before my 67th birthday – a great excouragement that the spirit is forever young.

I must admit I was a little less enthusiastic than the youngsters about taking a boat, twice the size and speed I was used to, full throttle, planing, through a salam course of bouys, but I did well in the slow manouvers practised often in my volunteer work with taking the disabled sailing. It was interesting, and I enjoyed learning all the stuff about charts, bouys, tides etc. (even though I took the course strictly for my lake sailing). Learning something new is a great way to stay young and the instructors and fellow students were great fun to be around. So now, though I cannot drive a car, I can drive a power boat lol!

I had been too busy focusing on, and practicing for the course etc. to think about my birthday at all, and after two very intensive days (including helping launch and hual out 5 heavy boats) I was exhausted. I merely sent up a sleepy prayer for the Lord to please do something nice. He never disapoints! First I had our weekly intercessory prayer session with a friend which took off with some incredible and very encouraging prophecy messages, during which she discovered it was my birthday and invited me for Tai lunch to celebrate (which we’ll do another day as I was having lunch with my daughter.)

Then who should walk into the pub where my youngest daughter, and grandson and I were lunching than my eldest granddaughter, (home from uni.) her brother and Peanut (the doggie friend I dog/house sit sometimes). Tipped off by my daughter, they presented me with a bunch of white lilies (my favourite flowers) and stopped to chat a while, (my grandson slipping in a request to come sailing on Wednesday lol!).

What did I do in the afternoon? Read,  rested and slept (well I must make some concessions to my 67 years lol!)

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