The best is yet to come!



The world and creation are mapped and cataloged, pictures flash on screen at the touch of a computer key. Frustrated, the heart of man yearns for exploration, especially the young, sometimes seeking discovery in perversity and corruption, not understanding man has yet to begin to delve into the infinities of creation. We have explored one plain, a carnal one, seeing from one viewpoint only, missing the infinite complexity of the universe. Science confesses we see but the tip of the iceberg.
Death, for example, when it comes, should not be feared. It is a free ticket to another dimension, a different view, a startling realization of the infinite, free from the restriction of the physical mindset so prevalent in this modern world. Casting off its former shackles, the spirit, that curious, exploring, creative element of man’s inner being, is finally free to explore infinite horizons of time and space. Free to come unfettered to God, casting off all confines of flesh, of time, of mortality.
We don’t have to wait for death, these things are ours to explore even within this life. The door stands open. Jesus unlocked it that we might enter in and explore. To do this we must cast aside the glasses of conformity, surrender to the wind of God’s spirit, and let it awaken our senses in full, as a new bride surrenders to her lover, in trust, in expectancy of fulfillment. Then, and only then can we begin to see, to comprehend the vastness of creation. Then we would no longer fear death. The journey perhaps, but we would know the door, the portal to eternity.


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