Desperation fuels intimacy.



It is during crisis situations that barriers break down and we become suddenly intimate with others. Survivors of war, catastropy, 9/11 etc. have spoken of strong, intimate bonds forged in a few hours, or even minutes, that continue long after the events have ended. It’s the same with God. Why is it, as human beings, that it generally takes some desperate situation for us to find Him, really find Him? We get busy, preoccupied with life, and settle for a distant belief, or even drift away completely. They say there are no atheists during catastrophes etc. I’ve found this to be true, when we have no hope left we call on God, even non-believers, it’s built into our beings.  Miracles tend to be born of desperation, so is an intimate, personal knowledge of God. “When you search with all your heart.”

I know it was that way for me. I wasn’t brought up a Christian. I’d been through a lot of breakings before I finally exhausted all my strength. I was totally at the end of my rope when I found Him and realised He’d been close at hand, calling, protecting, all that time as I blundered through life in desperate search for truth. I was shocked, surprised, overwhelmed, when I finally realised it was Jesus I had been seeking all that time – “the truth and the life”.

I find though it is not only us former agnostics or athiests that come to touch God this way. “Believers” brought up in the church often view God as a far-off figure somewhere out in the cosmos. It doesn’t become close, and infinitely personal, till one really comes into close contact and the catalyst for this is often extremities. We are virtually forced into His presence by circumstances beyond our control.

Speaking to those from whom the spirit exudes I’ve generally found a “back story” of some kind of desperation, pain, or heartbreak. It’s not that God sends it – earth is a war zone! That’s why we need His help, but often we don’t really reach out to touch Him till some crisis strips away our own resources.

God help us to stay close, inhabit us mind, body and spirit, so we are so bonded as one we can never be separated or drift away.

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