Why “like a child”?


Jesus said, “except you become as a little child,” and held up a child as an example to his disciples quarrelling about who was the greatest? Why?

With thinking of very young children innocence generally springs to mind, but there’s more to it than that. Let’s ponder.

  • Lack of guile- Small children have not yet learnt to deceive. Not only can they not lie effectively but they can’t pretend to be what they are not, smile when they are hurt, pretend friendship, play a role. They are who they are, and they don’t try to cover up their feelings. They have yet to don a “mask”.
  • They love – freely, unconditionally and without fear of being rejected.
  • Not manipulative- they didn’t learn how yet.
  • Not threatening – no one if afraid of a child.
  • They believe anything – there are no limits to a child’s faith.

I’m starting to understand!

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