Drama and joy!



This is especially true for us this Christmas as one of my daughters (the one hosting Christmas this year) was flung from her bike by a speeding car and taken to hospital. Thankfully being a devote of cycling she had protective clothing which probably saved her life. However the first news was she’d broken her back, fast on its heels, the spinal cord was OK (thank God!) However she was still in extreme pain and needed an operation to secure a piece of bone pressing on the nerves. After two days of postponement and anxiety for the whole family, the doctors announced they would first try to see if a back brace might aviod the surgery. A couple more days wait came and went (slowly) in which she still insisted she’d host Christmas from her bed (she had everything ahead of time and her husband is a great cook).

Then yesterday the wonderful news, the brace was working and she could return home. Not only that, but their cleaner is taking care of the house and her firm have a scheme whereby she gets free help at home till she recovers. So Christmas is on after all, to be presided over by my unsinkable daughter (and sacrificial hubby) from the livingroom couch. The best present we all recieved ever!

I guess the first Christmas was much like this.

9 thoughts on “Drama and joy!

    • Yes, thankyou. It made it all the more precious. She was actually able to walk around some and join us at the table (though after a while she had to lay on the couch again). It made us all appreciate each other and being together so much more. Hope you also had a lovely Christmas xxx

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