Freedom? Seriously?


It’s strange to me how many folks visualise Christianity as being restrictive – rules, laws etc. For an old testament Jew this may have been the case, but for me as a newly born Christian one of the most wonderful things about my salvation was the taste of true freedom.
How can this be?
Ponder the verse, “who throughout their lifetime were subject to the fear of death.” A fear of death is a great bondage from which we are freed on receiving Christ sacrifice for us – death becomes our friend, our celebration day, when we get to see Him face to face in eternal love.
Then there’s the verse, “take no thought for what you shall eat, or what you shall wear for after these things do the gentiles seek… your heavenly father knows you have need of them.” Jesus offers freedom from our economic systems (the greatest and most universal bondage known to man). Knowing, “God will supply our needs,” sets us free from these fears and bondage. That doesn’t mean you no longer work, but you work from a different motivation, realising God is the one taking care of your needs not your boss or business.
Another aspect of the in filling of the holy spirit is you cease to worry so much what people think. You cease to be a man pleaser. Knowing you have God’s unconditional love sets you free to be yourself, just little old you.
No wonder the Bible says, “He who the Son sets free is free indeed!

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