I just lost sixty years!



It snows and I become a kid again! Everyone is posting snow pictures, so here’s mine ( early morning from my balcony). We don’t get snow regularly around London so everyone gets excited.

God is so thoughtful He made special decor for when it’s cold so we could have joy in every season.

Winter Still Speaks


loved this one!

Rivers Renewed

20180204_121727It was in the winter when I first began walking,

seeking the journey of a quiet spirit,

the healing of silence in the woods,

the wholeness of a snowfall

in the purity of cold air.

And still today

the wisdom of a young man’s heart

can defend, provide a light

for this old guy to follow.

Winter still speaks.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2019, ancient skies

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Living or alive?


Why drink of sullied waters when you could have the best?

Why spend life in diversion with TV and the rest?

Why corrupt your appetite with things that weaken you,

When life is full, and rich, and free, with so much more to do?

Why settle for a shadow when you could have the Son?

Don’t merely eke your way through life when living can be done.

Don’t rest a coward in your grave who feared to catch the ball,

Who settled for the lethargy and did not give his all.

Why, (childhood dreams abandoned) sit down upon a chair

And let the world’s beguilements entertain you there

And ne’er set forth to venture, to claim full life’s domain

To never taste the nectar, but in a chair remain.

So set aside the TV guide, the gamer and the phone

Forget about the neighbours and venture from your home.

This life, it is a precious gift and every day a treasure.

Don’t squander seconds, minutes, hours, on what you term as leisure,

But going forth embrace the sun, the moonlight and the showers

And opening your eyes to see embrace the fleeting hours.

Are you battling?


Battles are messy affairs, lots of noise and confusion. You’re apt to get wounded, at the very least you end up bruised, battered and exhausted. What’s the alternative, abandon those you care for to their “fate”, let the battle roll over you and destroy you? No never that!

Life’s “battles” are inevitably a part of our earthly existence, but there are things to learn in becoming life warriors.

  1. Choose your battles – make sure what you are fighting for is right and worth the effort.
  2. Choose your “position” wisely – any great general knows position is all important. Take the moral high ground.
  3. Fight to win. Once commited to fight, go all the way, whatever it takes. Enter battles convinced you have what it takes to win. You cannot win a defensive warfare.