What made Jesus mad?


j mad

Jesus never made a whip and set about the tax collectors, he never invaded the local bar and overturned the drinks on the tables. He never even went into the brothels and denounced the whores and harlots driving them out. But he did go into the temple, bastion of organised religion, and did all three. Just a thought.

Is life stormy just now?


Storm Waves Wallpapers 2

The spirit is like a buoyancy aid that lifts your head above the surging tides. No matter the wind and waves we’ll stay afloat if we are encased by the holy spirit of God. Like a cork we are unsinkable.

Harness the wind!



Birds know the secret to flying is let the wind carry you. To cease flapping and glide, using the air currents to lift and propel you.

Don’t fight life’s winds rather seek to adapt your wings to benefit from them. Work with, not against, the forces of nature in harmony with your fellow creations to reach your goals.