Words are more than we think!



There’s more to words than meets the eye. We all know the words we speak have an effect on others, they lift up or pull down, but there’s far more to it than that!

My interest began when my kids were young and, due to some squabbles, we had a “positive speech chart”. The idea was if you said something negative you could be awarded an x, but if something positive a heart. If your hearts outweighed the xs at the end of the week you got an icecream. We ate very healthy so ice cream was a rare treat, due mostly to this factor (he was crazy about icecream) my husband elected to add his name to the chart.

Dad was well known for his morning “grumps” but what none of us was expecting was the strange correlation between words and mood. The first morning, as usual, he grumped about the breakfast.

“X daddy” rang a chorus of young voices. Angrily he told them to be quiet. “X daddy!” rang the chorus again. He looked from them to me and from gritted teeth (thinking of that ice cream) he growled. “Nice dress you’ve got on.” “Heart daddy!” Looking around he siezed on the toast (the only thing he hadn’t complained about) “Toast’s good.” Heart daddy!”

The funny thing about it was, though his comments were totally insincere, pretty soon he was actually out of the grumps and from that time on breakfasts became a happy affair. I noted this down for further pondering. To make a long story short I discovered, saying something positive, even when you don’t feel it, can not only change your mood and perspective of events but the events themselves.

I came to see that all this tied in with my faith. Praise and positive speech were effective (indeed essential) in claiming answers to prayer, fending off sickness and afflictions, even claiming miracles. In a sense we can have what we say. Genesis confirms this. It says when God made the world He didn’t do a “hands-on” type creation, He spoke things into existance. Being made in His image He also gave us the power of speech. Our words have power through Him. We can also in a sense speak things into being.

This becomes even more important when looked at from the other perspective. I’ve always been concerned about the verse which states that if you fear a fear it comes upon you. Over my 60 odd years I’ve seen this happen again and again – the hypochondriac is seldom well, the one that fears cancer etc. etc. always seems to get it. The one expecting the worst gets the worsts while other more positive folks seem to live charmed lives, even if they do encounter something bad it does not defeat them.

As you can imagine, having taken note of this, I try never to grump and complain. It’s often mentioned that I tend to be a very happy, positive sort, but I can claim no credit for this. I, like my ice cream loving husband, prefer the reward system lol!

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