I just couldn’t resist.


Glimpsing the sun sparkles on the water I couldn’t resist. Glancing at my companion I saw the same reflected in her face. “Let’s take I her out,” I said. There was hardly any wind, only a short time left, but the water was calling us. Yelling to let the shore officer we scrambled aboard.

Drat, we couldn’t reach the front rope to cast off, should have done it before we got in… Thankfully a passing guy was happy, not only to untie us, but to give us a shove off. We shared a smile, no need to say anything, embracing the moment, that first sail of the season.

It was training day, the day we go over all the safety proceedures, show the new volunteers how to rig the boats, hoist someone from a wheelchair into the low boat seats, etc. But now talks over, most volunteers heading home, we’d gone to wrap the sails and prepare the little boats to be towed back to their moorings. But the sun, the water, it beckonned to us… Now afloat, we catch a breeze, like the very breath of God. The sail fills, we skim accross the water, peace enveloping us, one with the wind, the lake, with the birds wheeling above the waters. How could we resist?

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