A Vortex of Power


Incredibly photography!

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A Vortex of Power


I’ve raved and shared about Mike Oblinski’s photography many times. He is a talented photographer who loves to photograph and chase storms. His latest storm video, called Vorticity 2, is beautiful, mesmerizing, and disturbing all mixed together for me. I could see it setting the mood for an action or horror film. I suggest watching it on full screen to get the full effect. The poem below is my tribute to his wonderful video.


powerful winds build

storms racing across the land

vortex of power

beware the force of nature

righteous beauty on display


May the force be with you. 🙂


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The ultimate friendship.



The solution lies not in our struggle to be kind, good, forgiving, to always do the right thing. Try as we might we’ll never attain neither will our loved ones. The answer is to get so close to Jesus that sin not longer allures, that our nature becomes His, that His love shines through us, naturally.

Age is not the enemy.


Today’s society tends to focus on the young, missing the point of life. Our ancestors knew better, the old were once respected and revered for their wisdom and maturity.
As the husk ages and falls away the grain ripens. Life is in the grain, the seed, not the husk. The husk is but a vehicle, a casing, within which the grain matures.
So much emphasis is put on the husk, beauty aids, plastic surgery, health foods and regimes all in an attempt to prolong the life of the husk, but all in vain. The husk prospers only due to the life force of the grain within.
When the grain is fully matured, the husk ages, wrinkles, and eventually falls away.