the ultimate love.


There was one that loved once. Loved enough to leave all and come, begrimed and dirty, into this world. To venture to an ancient stable, to know dirt, and cold, sickness and pain. Yes, lots of pain it cost him, one who had never so much as pricked His finger before that day he lay, a king enthroned in glory, on what? The dirty straw of a feeding trough! Entrusted to whom? A young girl, herself barely more than a child who in her innocence believed God’s gift – and much it cost her!
Yet love overcame, it stood the test of nails, the cruel and bitter mocking of those it loved. He could easily have destroyed us all or given up at our stupid inability to keep the given law. Instead, love found a way, a way to redeem us, though it cost Him all. We are washed in His blood, His atonement. Why? For love. Love of us, dirty, begrimed in the squalor of our pride and sin. He came to rescue us. To take us in His arms forever.

If not for love I’d ne’er have left these scented palaces and come to the stench of sin,
If not for love I could not have borne the ridicule, the pain, the breaking heart within.
If not for love I would have dropped my hand, given up and returned in disgust
My fingers burnt, vision crushed, cause betrayed, an end to trust.
Because of love I could not yield the game. Win or loose, redeemed or not. I had to see it through
The final throw, my life thrown down. I paid the toll. Eternal grace for you.


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