Even when it goes all wrong…


A while ago my precious friend and prayer partner and I had, what I must confess was close to an argument, during our prayer morning. She’d asked prayer for a long-standing and very sensitive problem. Many well-meaning friends had tried to help her in that area, but she wasn’t ready to receive their advice and I in clumsy, insensitive manner “hit a nerve” in my prayer for her.
We are from very different backgrounds and the Lord uses this to give rich, well-rounded prayers but these things can grate on us sometimes, and that morning resulted in a flare-up. She was hurt by my prayer that she’d be able to give the situation to God and leave it in His hands (something she insisted she’d done to no effect). I was hurt, as my prayer had been well-meaning, and was rather shocked she’d interrupt a prayer to insist it wasn’t the kind she wanted. Worse, this was in front of a new Christian that had recently joined our group.
Amazingly he intervened, praying the kind of prayer she wanted which enabled us to continue with other requests thank God. I didn’t have a peace in my heart about it though, feeling the disunity just there under the surface, so at the end confessed I was feeling under attack and asked if we could pray and rebuke the enemy. My friend was a little hesitant but thankfully went along with it.
As soon as we began to pray and rebuke the enemy the spirit fell heavily, and the Lord spoke. We felt like naughty children, pride and hurt vanished and deep abiding unity was restored. My friend and I hugged, expressing our love for each other. We’ve been close for a while, but this brought us even closer. The young Christian friend was encouraged that he’d been of help, saw we weren’t perfect, and got a firsthand example of the unity only God can give.
Walking home, everything seemed alive and glowing like my vision had been enhanced somehow. In prayer, I’d commanded anything that was not of Jesus to go. I’d been having a little trouble with my eyes for a while and I realized whatever it was had gone. Later my friend confided that she’d from that time felt peace about the situation we’d prayed for, that she truly felt able to give it to God – a huge victory. Jesus turned our human frailties into wonderful victories.

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