Speak it into being.


God said, not made. This often-overlooked detail of Genesis is of earthshattering importance. Throughout mankind those that would help others, change the world, improve their life or heath etc. focus on the doing, the works. There is nothing wrong in this, it’s good, proactive, but because of this, we tend to overlook the incredible power of speech.

Ever noticed with those that continually gripe and grown, prophesying worse to come, life tends to meet their expectations? Similarly, the sunny souls who seldom speak of their troubles and ailments tend to fare far better.

There is a reason for that over and above our perceptions. This is particularly true for Christians. The God that spoke creation into being dwells within us and our words have His same power. That is how and why miracles and healings happen. Like God, we have the power to speak things into being. Waking this dormant power within us takes faith and, faith for healing for example, more often begins with healing a cut finger or headache than curing cancer or aids. Like a muscle, it must be exercised in small things first, but even for non-believers, words work to a degree, which is why these self-help techniques can be so effective.

The modern trend in literature and media is for “realism”, happy endings are frowned upon as unrealistic. I’m happy to say that has not been my experience of life, (and believe me, my life has been very adventurous, often dangerous, and if I were to go by the “reality” the world promotes I should be dead or at least destitute lol!) Instead I seem to lead a charmed life. I’ve been challenged about this before, why, though we have our share of troubles etc. our family eventually come out “without even the smell of smoke” in fact better than before. I would say it was due to Rom. 8:28 (if you don’t know it look it up, it’s one of the best verses to claim!)

So if life is not treating you well, speak change, speak health, provision, love, a relationship, whatever you are lacking, into being. Think of it like building a wall or dwelling each positive statement of faith, each verse claimed, each promise proclaimed is like a brick you set in place. Sometimes the enemy will come in and try to tear down your wall, especially in the beginning, but your word is stronger than his because you have God’s power inside you. Don’t run scared, speak his attacks into oblivion, wield the promises of God aloud and unrelentingly till he is forced to give up and leave. He cannot stand the word, nor can anything evil in this world.

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