contagious giving


I heard of some lovely things happening yesterday at a small, local Christian school.

1)The first to give, a traveller family who’s children were attending donated a big Christmas tree, but as school broke up it needed a home.

2) One of the pupils had recently lost his father to an unsuspected medical problem and it was discovered his mum had been too busy and upset to think about a tree etc. so the school decided to give them the tree – adding all the lights and decorations.

3) As it was a large tree there was a problem getting it there, till one of the school families offered the use of their truck.

4) The mum being busy, the school caretaker offered to come along and set it up and help with the decor.

All this was on top of their planned Christmas good deeds – inviting lonely old folks in for carols and a Christmas dinner, and distributing gifts to needy families. God bless them in their giving.

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