Set free from virus fears.


I’ve not been immune to the fear and trials that abound with the onset of this new virus. Three of my family have been close to the “firing line” in China, Malaysia, northern Italy and the UK. My heart was wrung by some of the footage coming out of China (I have many I care about there). Worst of all was not knowing the truth – Was it of natural origin or manmade, if so, who released it and why? Were the real death percentages 2 point something or between 16 – 17%, Was the role out of 5G involved in the collapse and death of those showing no symptoms?

My empathy warped into fear, not for myself, but others. It culminated when praying after church for those involved with a wonderful lady who’d also lived in China. Perceptive, she also prayed for me. It slowly dawned on me I was not operating in faith but in fear. Without faith it is impossible to please Him, and fear disempowers our prayers. I recalled a message I’d heard how David having lost everything (even his own men wanting to stone him) paused to magnify the Lord (picture a magnifying glass) before setting his petitions before him, recalling all the wonderful things God had done. He not only recovered all but soon became king!

Transformation! God began to fill my vision and the virus etc. shrank back to its real perspective. I began to tune in, not to the constant bombardment of the media, but the testimonies of the amazing Rom 8:28s slowly trickling out – miracles, healings, the gospel being preached. Seeing governments and the medical profession powerless to help, hearts were turning toward God. There’s nothing like looking death in the face to wake one up to what is important in life!

So, my suggestion if the virus comes to your part of the world? By all means heed the advice to wash your hands repeatedly, strengthen your immune system by healthy eating, fresh air, exercise and lots of Vit. C, but over and above all read and claim Psalm 91 daily.

The Bible tells us that “plagues” such as this, together with wars, famine, earthquakes etc. (Mat 24) are part of the prelude to His return. If such things continue to increase, we can be comforted in that they are signs of His soon coming and a happy ending to all earth’s troubles. Instead of fearing, we can rejoice in spite of them, having peace that He is in control.

Did God bring this plague then? Of course not. (For Revelation scholars it’s worth noting that the trumpets of Revelation – unlike the vials/bowls – announce the coming of things, they do not initiate them.) Whatever the cause of this virus, it can be traced back to man’s refusal to live as God intended (if only to the origin of sin that brought these things into the world). However, He will be there with His children bringing hope, healing and Rom 8:28s.




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