The worst-case scenario really ain’t that bad.


I recalled yesterday that as a small child I almost died of double pneumonia, so close it could be counted as a near-death experience. Far from being traumatic, I remember it with awe as one of the most beautiful of my life experiences. I don’t even recall feeling sick just very, very tired, seldom waking. In my “dreams” I was getting closer and closer to a place I regarded as home, seeing colours I never saw on earth, in an atmosphere of such peace and homecoming. Gentle music and gentle caressing light bathed and relaxed me. I was in perfect peace.

As a Christian, particularly having had this experience, death doesn’t worry me too much. It means my work here is done, but I don’t like suffering lol. The Lord reminded me, if it came to it, pneumonia is a pretty good way to go, lol! Not that I intend going just yet. I still have work to do here, but it put things in perspective

Of course, much of our fears can be for loved ones or, worse yet, when we have others dependent on us. These are hard things, but I finally learned that my loved ones and dependents are better off in His hands than mine. My love, help and support are limited, His are not. Hard as that one may be, it’s safer to trust His for our loved ones. He loves them far more than we ever could. Wishing you all peace and continuing joy during these troubled times.

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