Free “medicine”.


“Some trust in chariots and some in horses (medical profession and government) but we will put our trust in the Lord our God.” It’s so much safer and easier to trust in God, He never gets it wrong, runs out of supplies, never has an ulterior motive.

This is a good time to evaluate what our faith is ultimately grounded on. When all other props are taken away does it stand strong? Does peace fill your soul and dark thoughts flee when you pick up your Bible and read? Do you believe the words written there, lay hold of God’s promises for your loved ones and others? These times measure the depths of our faith.

Is God bigger in your mind than a virus? It’s easier for those of us who have seen God’s power at work, witnessed miracles of healing. It’s normal for us to trust the Lord because that’s what we usually do, but for those who’ve yet to experience these things or who have become entangled in the snares of a busy life. It can be shattering to see the things they rely on disappear. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t receive help from doctors when it’s available. God bless them, they are doing such a sacrificial job on the front lines and are deserving of our prayers and support, but they, like us, are merely men and women and have their limitations.

No need to worry if you’ve found your faith not deep-rooted enough for this emergency, or founded on the wrong foundation. “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.” You can expand yours, you just need to “eat” the word. Pick up your Bible and start reading (preferably with a notebook or highlighter in hand to help recall the parts that speak peace to your heart, the promises you can claim. Read Ps. 91 daily, memorise it, sing it to yourself. Check out all the wonderful talks online instead of getting filled up on harrowing news reports scaring you with “worse case scenarios” that often prove wrong. (Andrew Wommack, Curry Blake and Jeremy Pearson are my personal favourites for health crisis and have tons of free stuff, but there are many out there to choose from.)

Peace (and healing if needed) are on offer and they’re free!

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