Heart warming (copied from a friend’s post)


Julian Urban 38 years old – doctor in Lombardy:
“Never in my darkest nightmares have I imagined that I could see and experience what has been happening here in our hospital for three weeks. The nightmare is flowing, the river is getting bigger and bigger. In the beginning there were a few of them, then dozens and then hundreds, and now we are no longer doctors, we have become sorters on the conveyor belt, and we decide who should live and who should be sent home to die, even though all these people have paid Italian taxes all their lives.
Until two weeks ago my colleagues and I were atheists; that was normal, because we are doctors and we have learned that science excludes the presence of God.
I always laughed at my parents going to church.
Nine days ago a 75-year-old pastor came to us; he was a kind man, he had serious breathing problems, but he had a Bible with him and we were impressed that he read it to the dying and held their hands.
We were all tired, discouraged, mentally and physically exhausted when we had time to listen to him.
Now we have to admit: We as human beings have reached our limits, that’s all we can do, and more and more people are dying every day.
And we are exhausted, we have two colleagues who have died, and others have been infected.
We have realized that where what man can do ends, we need God, and we have begun to ask Him for help when we have a few minutes; we talk to each other, and we cannot believe that as wild atheists we are now searching for our peace every day, asking the Lord to help us resist so that we can take care of the sick. Yesterday, the pastor died, a 75-year-old pastor who, until today, although we have had more than 120 deaths here in three weeks and we were all exhausted, devastated, had managed to bring us, despite his condition and our difficulties, a PEACE that we had not any more hoped to find.
The pastor has gone to the Lord, and soon we will follow him too if he continues like this.
I haven’t been home for 6 days, I don’t know when I last ate and I am becoming aware of my uselessness on this earth and I want to dedicate my last breath to helping others. I am happy to have returned to God while I am surrounded by the suffering and death of my fellow human beings.

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