Uninformed or faith filled?


I’ve noticed a growing trend here to think/say that anyone who is not freaked out of their mind is not taking things seriously. I’ve been rebuffed by friends several times recently when trying to offer comfort and encouragement. They hint I must be uninformed or irresponsible. Actually, I’m neither. They don’t seem to understand, the reason I’m not scared and remain calm and even joyful, is not because I don’t know the facts (I do) or that I’m reckless or in denial (I too am careful to keep the guidelines etc.) The reason is that I know from past experience our God is so much bigger than any virus. I also know fear is far more dangerous than any sickness because it renders you powerless, so I choose not to yield to it.

My sweet friend and prayer partner is experiencing similar reactions when she tries to say something positive or encouraging. It’s so sad as I so much want to offer help and encouragement.

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