There are good tidings, why not publish those?


Grrr… so mad at the UK media. There’s so much good news out there. Are the headlines saying “Boris sitting up and improving”? Well, I saw a few minor mentions. Are they rejoicing that the hospital admissions curve is flattening, meaning, though there will probably be an extension of lockdown (and we shouldn’t let up) the end is in sight? There’s also hardly a mention of the 1,000s who are looking for jobs in farming to bring in the harvests (replacing migrant workers, getting temporary employment and helping keep us fed)
No. It’s all “No end in sight” “highest deaths yet” etc.” Don’t they have any idea that their roll in all this should be to inform, encourage, unite and uplift! No, they’d rather spread gloom and doom. “Just a few more weeks and we’ll have it beat” is so much more encouraging to help folks keep the rules. “No end in sight,” says, throw in the towel and give up, why keep the rules when it’s not working.

It’s not the fault of the lady MP that gave the updates. She was both factual and encouraging even explaining how the death rate will be the last to slow as (even allowing it takes time from infection to death) reports can take days or even weeks to filter through the reporting process. Come on journalists, editors and media guys which side are you fighting on?


2 thoughts on “There are good tidings, why not publish those?

  1. Yes it sometimes seems to me even here in the states that even our local media’s goal is to keep us in terror. But then again it isn’t the media’s job to bring good news. That falls to us as Christians as we celebrate a stay at home Easter. No matter what the news is we have hope!

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