Demo Dilemma.


Anyone else confused right now? I have friends and family on both sides of the divide, pro masks/ anti masks, pro vaccines/anti vaccines, pro lockdown extremists/active anti lockdown demonstrators.

I hold my own beliefs. – Covid is not a hoax (my daughter almost died of it). However, the word “hoax” could be applied to the “pandemic” labelling, and all the lockdowns and draconian measures etc. that sprang from that label.

For myself, I firmly believe my best protection is in staying close to the Lord (Ps 91). My choice would be to take extra care around the vulnerable, wash hands, stay inside if I have symptoms, and use common sense distancing etc. I wouldn’t use a mask unless I was forced to be at close quarters in an unventilated space – like a rush hour tube train.

The question comes though, what about people who have their faith in masks, doctors, vaccines etc.? Where do I draw the line between going along with things for their sake (do not stumble your brother for meat etc.) and standing up for rights and liberties which took thousands of years to gain?

Do I join my friends at the demos or stay home and pray no protestors (or police) will be hurt? I have little faith that protests will change anything, but they are important in showing a rising number of people object. Protests may slow the implementation of behind the scenes agendas.

I know this is a question many sincere Christians are asking themselves. I am not alone in that.