Dare I share this?


I don’t do politics. I do, do Bible. It has been my daily bread, living and breathing it for the past 40 plus years, since my miraculous encounter with Christ. Miracles and those sweet, whispered messages have been my daily fare, but I have to say, 2020 has set off every trip wire and rung every alarm bell in my Biblical surroundings.

I’ve tried to explain it, to look at other options, tell myself I’m overreacting, but nothing else makes sense. Why are governments worldwide making decisions that destroy their own economies? Why are powers behind the scenes stirring up civil strife and undermining the forces that would normally be used to contain it? Here in the UK, why did Boris Johnston undergo such a dramatic personality change that an old friend and MP publicly stated in the house of commons that “he sounded like he was reading from a script” and asked if perhaps someone was holding his baby for ransom (that part was said jokingly, but revealed how totally out of character Boris was acting.) Why also was a 2nd. Lockdown just voted in, in spite of the admission (when challenged by the former PM) that the projected figures on which the motion was based had been proved totally false, whereas there was evidence the tiered system was actually working. Most concerning of all why are all contrary opinions being silenced even those from eminent doctors and scientists (total censorship on social media etc.) and a law being passed giving power to government agencies to commit crime, kill and torture with impunity (there might be some explanation as to M15 but it names several agencies including even food production ???) All these things are factual, gleaned mostly from major news networks mostly the BBC website. More and more people are speaking out. If seeing these things makes me a “conspiracy theorist” then I’m in good company. Increasing numbers of eminent professionals, not only doctors and scientists, but now lawyers, MPs and even a police chief are speaking up. What is wrong with exposing a conspiracy anyway? Isn’t that a good thing?

So, how does all this fit with my Bible alarm bells? Unbelievable as it seems, and despite all my efforts to think to the contrary, it all fulfils prophecies in Mat 24, Revelations, and the book of Daniel. It’s too much to go into here (besides others do it better) but they all tell of a world leader who comes in peaceably with clever words and seems a benign, altruistic, figure, bringing into being a world government that “divides the spoils” with the poor, promising an end to poverty, peace and prosperity, solutions to a world in chaos (note the similarity to the recently discussed “reset” and the 2030 “Agenda for Sustainable Development”). However, this all comes with a price, surrender of individual rights, total control of the state, a one world government, a cashless society (with it’s 666 bar code) and ultimately the worship of this leader as God. The leader has yet to be revealed which is some comfort to me, as, till that and some other things happen, the worst will not come upon us. If you want something factual, Bible based, that actually soothes rather than alarms I highly recommend a friend’s book (“Let’s Look Forward” by Simon Bennet). Maybe I’ll even post it here in instalments. He is not out to make money, rather to help and comfort, so will be only too happy to share it for free. I really admire this guy!

I know many US Christians are pondering these same things, but there is one more thing I want to add, at risk of offending both sides of the political divide. I believe there to be two misconceptions. The first, that Jesus will come any day and deliver born again Christians from all this bad stuff to come. I sincerely hope and pray they are right, because frankly I’m not that much of a hero. However, with all my years of Bible study, I can’t fool myself on that one, there are several things that have to come to pass before that can happen. The word is pretty clear that Christ comes after the tribulation. I won’t argue the point here (‘cos I hope they are right lol!) Simon’s book “Let’s Look Forward” goes more thoroughly through Mat. 24 than I ever could and comes to the same conclusion (may we both be wrong).

The second misconception is about Trump. Setting his personality aside, some fundamentalists believe this election is a fight for Christian values v immorality, communism and ultimately an anti-Christ agenda. It’s not quite that simple. While I’d agree Trump is holding back many forces of evil, which will have far freer range worldwide if he is defeated, I don’t believe he’s a force of good.

There’s another main character, beside the Antichrist in revelations, the “whore of Babylon”. If you read the sections describing her what comes to mind? To mine comes the capitalist system itself (I know this is hard for most to swallow, but just read it with an open mind and you’ll see it.) It is this capitalistic system Trump represents which is at odds with the antichrist forces because they will destroy it.

So why am I sharing all this? Not to push my views on someone else, definitely not to debate (I hate arguments and avoid them at all costs), but because perhaps my little light may help someone else out there make sense of the darkness and find hope, in that, though those these dark times are predicted, Bible prophecy also tells of the happy ending, when finally the earth is governed by a truly just and benevolent leader – God himself!

2 thoughts on “Dare I share this?

  1. Interesting to hear some views from the other side of the pond. We were pretty much caught in a web of total media deception and frothy political promises being made in this election cycle. I’m not sure this will lead straight into the anti-Christ system but who knows it certainly doesn’t bode well for freedom, democracy and happy days ahead. On the other hand maybe with our backs to the wall we’ll each be more serious about living for Jesus Christ and loving one another as He commanded. Blessings my friend. Thanks for your post!

    • Thanks for your encouragement. I really did have battles about sharing my thoughts, so it was so reassuring. I totally agree with you. This may be it, or a lead up to it, but yes, such times reap a vast harvest of those lost and seeking answers and the church grows and is strengthened during times of persecution and adversity. With the bad news comes also news of overwhelming outpourings of the spirit and thousands coming to Jesus and celebrating His love and care. The end times when they come will also be a time of miracles when those that know the truth shall “instruct many” and “do exploits”. It is a privaledge and honour (as well as scary) to live in such times. If we are called to witness to sinking of the “Titanic” then let our hearts and hands rejoice in that we have acces to God’s unlimited supply of “life jackets”!

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