With a little help from my friends.


On Sunday we decided to bring both Christian zoom groups (all close friends) together to pray and hear from the Lord. Many of us were feeling anxious and confused by current events and needing direction.

One of the many things that really spoke to me was the message, “proclaim a fast”. I heard the Lord so clearly, “not a food fast, but a media fast”. I’d been concerned for a while that my “needing to stay abreast of things going on” had become a burden to my spirit. This was the confirmation.

I decided to do a complete fast for 3 days, no movies, documentaries, books, social media feeds, and most of all no news (I dropped TV at 13 and never resumed). By the end of the first day I was already convinced to make it permanent (at least the news and media feed parts).

I felt a huge burden shifted. I no longer had to struggle and fight to stay positive. My chanel to Jesus became so clear. His voice, so comforting and reassuring, cleansed away all fears and concerns. He was in control, no matter what, just as He always has been, my heart reasserted. It was so much easier to have faith when not battling all the negativity swamping the media. I hadn’t realised the extent of my “addiction”. Though I still spent an hour every morning in communion, I then spent up to two hours sometimes researching “important stuff” to stay abrest of the times. I’ve freed up so much time!

So no more. If the Lord wants me to be aware of some developement He can show me (God knows my kids have their fingers on the pulse in their various fields). No, there may be some called to politics etc. (Wilberforce comes to mind) but that is not me. I intend to “abide (firmly) in my calling” which is passing on things from Jesus, not the media, or even the various truth and liberty platforms, well meaning and essential as they are.

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