Some wonderful news!


I checked this out with a Danish resident and not only has the intended draconian law been totally withdrawn, 6 ministers who knew it to be illegal have been sacked! Not mentioned here – it was in large part due to the actions of a Danish proffessor who said, “if one of my students proposed these action I would flunk them as they are clearly illegal.” It seems the government clearly overstepped the mark and has had to do a U turn on this. A real victory for civil liberties.

Also in the news a Portugise court has declared the PCR tests unreliable and unlawful to use to quarantine people. Two major victories in one day! Of course you probably wont find them on news media, but hopefully this will be a shot accross the bows for other governments seeking to use covid to enlarge their powers. Thank God for this glimmer of hope!

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