I got it wrong!


I got it wrong.

It was just a fragment of an old poem I’d come across years ago, that caught my eye in browsing.

“The clouds ye so much dread

Are big with mercy and shall break

In blessings on your head.”

I’ve been thankful, through frequent prayer and dwelling deeply in God’s word, to stay positive throughout three lockdowns and manifest restrictions. I’ve even been able to help others keep their heads above water, my partners and I witnessing many answers to prayer and some downright miracles. But this little quote brought me to see – I have it all wrong! I’ve been playing defence, instead of offence. I’ve accepted as fact that, though God would help me through them, these dark times would only worsen.

I’ve seen many, even Christians, grasp at the straw of vaccines, raising them almost to “saviour status” unaware of the bigger picture, or the forces of evil gathering strength throughout the earth. I cannot share their faith in frail humanity, in scientists, politicians, and dubious pharmaceutical companies. My faith stands in God alone.

You see, a thorough study of scripture over decades cannot help but align current events with the things predicted for the end of the age. How can one pray with faith against that predicted in Bible prophecy? There is a gloomy reality that sooner or later these things must come to pass, and I cannot set aside the fact that it sure looks like now.

Yet this tiny phrase spoke to me. “The clouds you so much dread,” yes, that about summarised my feelings, but the next bit blew my mind.  “Are big with mercy and shall break, in blessings on your head.” I heard the voice of God so clearly. He means to bless me. In spite of all that surrounds me, in spite of the path the world is taking, He means to bless me, personally. In spite of the darkness, He will bring light, in spite of the suffering, He will bring joy and not just enough for me, but enough to share with others.

I looked up the rest of the verse. It begins, “Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take.” Fresh courage, not the old well-worn variety, but a new, fresh dose of courage, knowing, in spite of everything, good times are ahead for me. That’s the kind of inoculation I want, a jab in the arm of hope and joy!

He’s here!


Well actually he’s been here a while, but keeping us too busy to do much on my laptop. He’s the cutest ever little guy, all brand new and as yet unsullied by the world. I’m sure all grans think that, but seriously, this little guy could win a baby contest at birth, perfect peaches and cream skin with not a wrinkle in sight and big dreamy blue eyes. I wish I could post a picture but as this is a public domain maybe not.

He has of course been at work making sure his angelic state is paid due attention, particularly during the early hours, when for some reason everyone ignores him lol! Hence gran and dad have been busy while mum catches up on some much needed beauty sleep.

He’s blessed with a great dad, who will change a diaper, cook dinner (even do dishes on occasion) and loves to take a turn with his new son, but who draws the line at long distance school for a wriggly eight year old, who’d rather play computer games or read stories to his long awaited little brother for some reason. The only attempt ended in war! That is where grans come in, especially when they have years of teaching experience. I’m happy to oblige. I love the excuse to spend time with them both especially it still being lock down here.

I’m forming the opinion though, that it’s not a reasonable expectation for primary school kids to learn long distance on a computer long term. My grandson did well on his school during the first lock down, however, like most of us he is growing weary of it. He is a smart kid, and generally well behaved, but he needs someone with him now, to encourage and envision, or he’ll take “short cuts”. My heart goes out to all those parents struggling to balance working from home, while trying to get their offspring to do their school work.

All things new!


New year is wrought with expectation for our family. Yesterday the first was realised, a cute, fluffy, puppy became old enough to go live with one of my daughters and her boyfriend (we count pets as family).

The biggest and bestest is still to come, any day now! In the next week or two we’ll be celebrating big for a new little boy born into our family, my eigth grandchild. A whole new personality to love.

Somehow it’s especially reassuring at a time like this, when there is so much talk of death etc. that new life is coming to join us!

(Sorry this accidentally posted on my new book blog and, due to a new arrival and internet problems, I’ve not been able to re post it here till now)

My first ever responses! I’m so excited!


It’s a wonderful feeling for an author to to hear back from readers (especially when those readers are so enthusiastic!) My heart is surging with happiness and I have to keep from bouncing in my chair. We write obsessed by doubts -“no one will ever read it”, “who do you think you are,” “People are just being polite about your writing etc.” I’m sure we’ve all had to fight off those voices, or try to tune out to their perpetual murmurs. So, I want to share these first reviews with you, to encourage you to keep going, block your ears and know there are kindred souls out there who will empathise with your voice.

“I started reading “When Falls the Night” in the early afternoon and couldn’t put it down. It was a real page turner! A mixture of science fiction, adventure, love story and mystery – just my sort of book. She doesn’t gloss over the more disturbing incidents with moments of darkness and deep emotion. Well done for a first publication. I look forward to the next. Susan Loader.

“When Falls the Night” is a book that any reader would find difficult to put down. Its story line is riveting, and the heroes seem so real that one finds it difficult to leave them after turning the last page. It couldn’t have been published at a better time as it makes one question the meaning of what is happening in the world. Manon Vuilleumier.

“This is an amazing book. Easy reading, enjoyable, riveting. Fictional, but real story, full of jewels how the near future may play out. Couldn’t put it down. Wouldn’t miss it for the world! Especially I recommend it for right now, at the end of historic 2020, as more than a ray of hopefulness and encouragement as we move into these uncharted times.”

Michele Deogracious.

A favourite new year quote for this year.


“I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year: “Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown.” And he replied: “Go out into the darkness and put your hand into the hand of God. That shall be to you better than a light and safer than a known way.”

(Minnie Louise Haskins)