He’s here!


Well actually he’s been here a while, but keeping us too busy to do much on my laptop. He’s the cutest ever little guy, all brand new and as yet unsullied by the world. I’m sure all grans think that, but seriously, this little guy could win a baby contest at birth, perfect peaches and cream skin with not a wrinkle in sight and big dreamy blue eyes. I wish I could post a picture but as this is a public domain maybe not.

He has of course been at work making sure his angelic state is paid due attention, particularly during the early hours, when for some reason everyone ignores him lol! Hence gran and dad have been busy while mum catches up on some much needed beauty sleep.

He’s blessed with a great dad, who will change a diaper, cook dinner (even do dishes on occasion) and loves to take a turn with his new son, but who draws the line at long distance school for a wriggly eight year old, who’d rather play computer games or read stories to his long awaited little brother for some reason. The only attempt ended in war! That is where grans come in, especially when they have years of teaching experience. I’m happy to oblige. I love the excuse to spend time with them both especially it still being lock down here.

I’m forming the opinion though, that it’s not a reasonable expectation for primary school kids to learn long distance on a computer long term. My grandson did well on his school during the first lock down, however, like most of us he is growing weary of it. He is a smart kid, and generally well behaved, but he needs someone with him now, to encourage and envision, or he’ll take “short cuts”. My heart goes out to all those parents struggling to balance working from home, while trying to get their offspring to do their school work.

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