I got it wrong!


I got it wrong.

It was just a fragment of an old poem I’d come across years ago, that caught my eye in browsing.

“The clouds ye so much dread

Are big with mercy and shall break

In blessings on your head.”

I’ve been thankful, through frequent prayer and dwelling deeply in God’s word, to stay positive throughout three lockdowns and manifest restrictions. I’ve even been able to help others keep their heads above water, my partners and I witnessing many answers to prayer and some downright miracles. But this little quote brought me to see – I have it all wrong! I’ve been playing defence, instead of offence. I’ve accepted as fact that, though God would help me through them, these dark times would only worsen.

I’ve seen many, even Christians, grasp at the straw of vaccines, raising them almost to “saviour status” unaware of the bigger picture, or the forces of evil gathering strength throughout the earth. I cannot share their faith in frail humanity, in scientists, politicians, and dubious pharmaceutical companies. My faith stands in God alone.

You see, a thorough study of scripture over decades cannot help but align current events with the things predicted for the end of the age. How can one pray with faith against that predicted in Bible prophecy? There is a gloomy reality that sooner or later these things must come to pass, and I cannot set aside the fact that it sure looks like now.

Yet this tiny phrase spoke to me. “The clouds you so much dread,” yes, that about summarised my feelings, but the next bit blew my mind.  “Are big with mercy and shall break, in blessings on your head.” I heard the voice of God so clearly. He means to bless me. In spite of all that surrounds me, in spite of the path the world is taking, He means to bless me, personally. In spite of the darkness, He will bring light, in spite of the suffering, He will bring joy and not just enough for me, but enough to share with others.

I looked up the rest of the verse. It begins, “Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take.” Fresh courage, not the old well-worn variety, but a new, fresh dose of courage, knowing, in spite of everything, good times are ahead for me. That’s the kind of inoculation I want, a jab in the arm of hope and joy!

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