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Happiness Tips for Troubled Hearts [#2]


Great tip and good post! Reposting for all you other “snowflakes”.

Love’s Gentle Nudge

encouraging thoughts

Are you feeling anxious, discouraged, or lonely?

A troubled heart is hard to bear, and often feels like a weight carried around deep within the spirit.

“Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up.”— Proverbs 12:25

For those experiencing a heavy heart today, may I offer a few kind words to cheer you up?

Be encouraged!With God, there is always hope for better days. And the best part is that you don’t have to wait to experience inner peace and true happiness. God offers us His joy and peace moment by moment, and there’s no better time than this present moment to experience it. I’ll be sharing a few happiness tips in the coming weeks that have helped me along life’s journey during times of need.

Happiness Tip for troubled hearts #2: Don’t Compare

Don’t compare yourself to others. We are all like snowflakes…

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” I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year. “Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown.” He replied: “Go out into the darkness and put your hand into the hand of God. That shall be to you better  than light and safer than a known way. (Minnie Louise Haskins.)

It mades no sense but  I couldn’t seem to shake my apprehension about this year. There’s no logical reason, it wasn’t due to Trump, Korea, Brexit etc. those kind of things are always around. It was the actual date 2018, something about the numbers . I kept telling myself it was stupid, but nothing worked till I came accross this quote. Then I remembered, it doesn’t matter what may be ahead as long as my hand is firmly in His.