So who am I anyway?


from August 2014 ( so actually I recently celebrated my 64th. birthday)

Song Bird Songs

With yet another birthday looming its shadow I feel a need for reassessment. I’ve noticed I generally hit the “about” section first when blog browsing, to give me a framework as to who I’m “talking to”, but my own is kind of nebulous, I like that but to supplement it here’s a tad more solid info.
Finding a photo other than my cat I’m tempted to choose one of those perfectly posed ones that make me look good, but is that generally how I look? No. I finally choose this “a la natural” because it’s closer to the real me.
It’s true (as per my about section) I don’t fit well in boxes (doing a personality test I found I fit in a less than 1% group – had some pretty awesome folks in it though!) but here are some basic facts.
I’m (very) soon to be 63, happily retired…

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