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Like towering giants they guard the way, protective of the younger trees, possible offspring of many summers. One either side of the path their high branches intertwined they look down on me, this wandering mortal who stumbles across their path.
Now stripped bare of leaves lithe limbs ripple with power, the great upward serge that drove them to such heights. I ponder all they’ve seen in the passing years, the toddlers now grown to manhood, the saplings taken hold and grown to a thicket. They must have been here when it began, this little grove, what secrets they could sigh in the wind.

Age and Simplicity.


As I get older I find I need to pace myself, I see so many needs in the world around me I always want to do more, yet now my kids are grown and flown the nest I find different limitations. My body kicks in and reminds me that whereas I may feel 21 in spirit I’m expecting a bit much of it after 63 years of pretty intense wear and tear. One useful thing I’ve learned is to take time to “aim straight” if you have less energy to call on you have to make it count!

As a long term teacher I found the key was always to digest the material myself first and bring it down to the simplest terms. To teach concept rather than method (grasp the concept and the rest will follow.)

I’ve found  that in my life too “truths” are always simple. As the modern world gets increasingly complex simple truths (like you reap what you sow, money can’t buy real love etc.) can tend to get buried under mounds of in put both good and bad.

I feel a need to search them out again from time to time, dust them off and put them again in a place of prominence. I wonder for this generation will they be able to find and discern the real gems of life amidst so much overwhelming intellectual and media debris? I hope so for they make such difference to the quality of life.

I’ve Been a Dizzy Bunny.


I see so many posts relating to sickness I thought I should write this one up (with some good news).
Though the battle with sickness (related in Mind Battles) thankfully passed off rapidly the same day a feeling of intense dizziness persisted particularly night time and early morning. In the end I finally went to my sweet doctor to try and find out what it was.
She smilingly told me “Nothing serious. You have benign _______? positional vertigo (sorry can’t remember the other word). She gave me a print out with pics. etc of my condition (are all doctors so considerate – and free NHS!) Then she explained that as you get older tiny grains can come off the lining of the inner ear and sometimes they get into the circular tubes affecting balance stroking the tiny receptors and sending confusing messages to the brain – hence my problem.

That explained why it had come on so suddenly when I sat up abruptly to get my sweater during yoga cool down (Yoga fans never, never do that. It’s not nice!) It seems I had one of those grains and the sudden movement from total relaxation probably tipped it over the edge so to speak. It’s OK though she reassured me it usually fixes itself in a few weeks or if not there are exercises I can do with you to fix it. (See what I mean about nice!)
So why am I writing this so happily? Because when I lay back down for a few extra minutes sleep this morning my head felt weird with intense vertigo then suddenly I realized. It was gone! I did a few experimental head moves and no more vertigo. I believe it must have popped back over! Yeh! No vertigo for Christmas. Gonna sure be careful about any rapid moves from now on though! Ha!

Old Friends.


old folks

(Of far flung friends I seldom see – photo from bing).

It’s oh so good to see them when parted oh so long,
The hugs and friendly greetings that lend the heart a song.
The smile that bares a tremble, the tear that dims the eye,
The subtle, soft, remembrance of days that have gone by.

It seems too much to soak it in when love floats all around,
Another, yet another, of times voices coming round.
The smiles now bare more wrinkles than when you knew them first,
But time and tide can not erase; the spirit from them bursts.

And all are in remembrance of sweet times so long gone by
The times when we were young and free and we had fun, oh my!
I hear now in the echoes of vintages grown old
The hearts refined in times harsh hand have turned at last to gold.

Life’s exchange.



Youth is not lost which was spent in earnest coinage, the days exchanged for experience, for life! A day is not wasted if drained in a deep draught till the last drop. Not lost, rather stored away, their transitory substance exchanged for solid coinage of the realm of life, time transmuted into lasting substance, those things in the heart and mind which can never be erased. Youth is not lost but transformed, a thing of wafting beauty refined to solid gold.