Three Circles of Healing.


I have resisted writing about this, but I’ve come across so many posts and comments of folks suffering long term chronic pain or sickness or have lost loved ones through cancer or other diseases that I feel I must. If it helped just one person it would be worth it.
As in my “thoughts on China” I have no claim to be an expert (hence my reluctance) but the subject is close to my heart and I’ve had a great deal of personal experience in this realm which is not always common.
My mother was a hypochondriac where I was concerned. Suffering from major health problems herself she was constantly dosing me with something. My health was weak, but I could see medication wasn’t helping, and at the age of thirteen I refused to take more. Amazingly my health improved and slowly I became strong (and thankfully have remained so).
I do use western medicine upon occasion, but I since discovered some alternative means of dealing with sickness, generally requiring greater effort on my part. I now see it as three circles which can be used interactively to compliment each other.
First, the one most of us are familiar with, western medicine. This takes the least effort, the medical profession doing most of the work. We passively submit ourselves into their hands trusting in their skill, knowledge and integrity. This tends to be the fastest and easiest method but it is also the most limited. (Think the small inner circle).
The second is natural remedies (usually some mixture of nutrition, herbs and exercise). This means more work (and discipline) on our part. It treats the cause rather than the symptoms assisting the body’s natural processes to correct the problems. This generally takes longer. Some excellent Chinese doctors I’ve known have blended Chinese and western medicine to great effect, – the western relieving the immediate symptoms while the herbal medicines correct the long term problems. A lot more things can be cured this way than with western medicine.
For example, I have had seven friends with cancer, three took conventional treatments (radiation etc.) one recovered fully, one died and one has a few months to live. The four who took various nutrition cures all made a full long term recovery (I do have a lot of “alternative lifestyle” type friends, but see what I mean?) This second circle encompasses the first but is much more far reaching. If doctors have told you your condition is incurable you could try some of these dietary methods, but be warned it’s hard to sort truth from lie and there are sadly also many charlatans out to make money this way.
The third circle is enormous (in fact it takes in every sickness and disease on earth) but requires total commitment on our part. This is miraculous healing through prayer or the laying on of hands. I have partaken of this on several occasions both for myself and on behalf of others with unexplainable, miraculous results. For this you must have strong faith or a great desperation. Basically it is tapping into power from the spiritual realm and applying it to a physical condition. I know many don’t believe this to be possible but since I have had personal experiences of this nature I must add it here. Again there can be charlatans so beware. My own experiences have come about through a personal relationship with Jesus and deep immersion in His Word. I have heard of people of other faiths receiving miraculous healing, but have no personal experience of this so can only say “God is no respecter of persons”.
A good test for charlatans in either sphere is their attitude to money. What seems to be their focus?
Though I don’t agree with him in many aspects Curry Blake is a good illustration of someone who promotes healing through Christ with selfless motives (he doesn’t charge even for his seminars at which his goal is to teach other Christians to claim their healing heritage rather than to promote himself as a healer.)
I hope sharing these things might be a help to someone somewhere, my motive, rather than promoting my own view on this subject, is that I hate that anyone is suffering when there might be a chance for their healing.