Book of Revelation.


rev book

The seal is broke, the scroll unveiled, of things that form the future:..

hour glass

The sand glass turned, the hour begun when mortal minds of men
Shall run a pace about this earth and dipped in blood the pen.
The man unveiled, an empire grim, lies waiting in the shadow,
The time is set, the race begins, that time itself unravels.
So set your course unto the wind that blows about this region.
It is the wake, the trumpet call that heralds in the season.
Look afar upon the wind for you may see it stirring
Beyond earth’s veil the tempest’s din about shall soon be whirling.

Slowly, slowly time slips by, as water that is dripping.
One day over, next begun, life’s pages by are flipping.
Each day a note in this vast song, the melody that’s playing,
Each synchronized within the whole, the message it is saying
Come back, come back, within My arms, for time shall soon be ending
Life’s trials and tests, the combat sweet of others you’re defending.
Last note is played, the chorus ends, the silence is descending
Last drop is cast to net below, My presence now is pending

jesus return

So suck each drop of life’s sweet dew and hear the sound a ringing
Angels from the hosts on high the end of all are bringing.
What sweet refrain upon their lips, what power in each gesture,
Each sigh, each joy, each mumbled prayer, the sins no longer pester.

rev scroll

Open up your eyes and see the spirits in the wind.

(I’ve always been fascinated by the mysterious book of revelation and apocalyptic themes.)

Two thousand and 84



“What is freedom?” she asked.
“It’s more than an absence of imperial domination,” he explained, eyes glowing in the dim lit cell.
“It’s something you must have inside, in your head, before you can live it, before you can give it to others. Some people think they are free, but they are the most bound of all, they are not even free in their thoughts.”
“Those that do the bidding of the masters?” she glanced down at the plastic cuffs securing her hands to the bench.
“Yes,” he whispered.
“Was I free before they captured me?”
“No, for you were bound by fear of them. That is not freedom.”
“Where you ever free?”
“Yes, for a while I was, free of fear and free of them. I lived on an air ship. I hid in clouds and scattered pamphlets … I was free like the birds till they shot me down.”
“That’s why they hate you so much.”
He smiled, “Yes. You see even they are not free, their greed and hate confines them even as these bars confine us.
“They want you to join them.”
“I know. That’s why they put you here to entrap me.”
“Me! I would never do that!” He smiled slowly.
“You already have.”
“Before I had no one, they had no leverage. They want me to appear to join them so the truth will be disproved.”
“The truth in the pamphlets?
“Yes. I could not bare them to hurt you and they will if I don’t join them.”
“You cannot give in,” her lip quivered, eyes darting. She knew what they might do.
“There is a way, maybe, we could both be free. She looked up into his eyes and he gently kissed her. It was not like the possessive kiss of the masters, but soft, loving and she treasured it. Leaning forward he whispered in her ear.


“Only if she is with me!” he demanded. “I don’t trust you.”
“As you will… It makes no difference,” the voice was oily as he ordered fresh clothes for the girl also. Their ploy had worked…


A few hours later they stood on the balcony ready to address media cameras and the surging crowd below.
“Are you ready?” he whispered. She nodded imperceptibly. Stepping forward towards the microphone they clasped hands.
“Freedom!” he yelled as in unison they sprang forward vaulting the low stone masonry edging the gallery.
There was no airship to receive them, but the clouds looked on above in understanding, below the crowd murmured in ugly dissent.

Fleeting glimpses.


ruined city
Cowering on her bed she listened to the creaking boards, remembering the dark gleaming eyes glimpsed through the shattered plasterwork. Trembling she summoned a last vestige of courage, grasping the overturned broom handle she limped toward the tattered pieces of wood and cardboard denoting what had once been her bedroom wall. A scurrying sound preceded her. Must be a dog, she told herself. If it were looters they’d not have run, besides there was nothing left to loot, nothing except the cans under her bed that had kept her alive these few weeks.
She’d heard the rioting as the last folks were rounded up and placed on army trucks. Her injured leg still incapacitating her, she’d lain cowering as enemy forces over ran the city scouring for any food and supplies, machine guns braking through the silence. Since they left only the smell of death invaded her windows. She was alone, terrifyingly alone.

The next night it came again, a furtive creaking of the boards outside, soft scratching noises on the wood. Images flashed through her mind, alone, vulnerable, in the darkness. White knuckles clutching her covers she willed herself to be still. She could not catch it. She must let it come to her.
The dark outline she’d glimpsed before stared furtively at her from behind the flimsy wooden boarding. Eyes suddenly glinted in the moonlight. She gasped and it was gone.
It was her choice was she to be hunter or prey? The stench of death assailed her nostrils as she prepared, her stomach wrenching with nausea and fear. Opening one of her precious cans she placed the corned beef on a chair opposite the hole.

All night she watched in vain, but at the first glimmer of dawn she heard the boards creak. Apprehension surged, heart pounding she sat hidden in the shadows, kitchen knife in hand. She could see it crawling under the boarding, a wriggling mound of shaggy black. It was heading for the chair. Plucking up her courage she grasped the torch..

Relief coursed through her as the beam of light struck, not an animal, but the bulging eyes of a hungry, motherless, boy. Panicking he dashed for the hole.
Swinging the broom across his path she cornered him yelling, “No don’t go! Stay here with me. The food is for you. There’s more hidden in the cellar, when my leg’s better I’ll get it.”
The eyes looked down taking in the leg with understanding. They glanced back at the meat. It was gone in seconds.