Stop and look and take it in!


Autumn is breaking in all its multicoloured splendour. Flaming ivy on the wall, lakeside trees tinted orange and yellow, the mornings a chill fog, evenings needing a comfy blanket to cuddle in. Winter has yet to show its face, no need to turn the heating on quite yet. Thick sweaters grace the cupboard again, ready, but not quite needed yet. Strappy T shirts and shorts, sundresses and sandals are packed away. Summer fades behind us. Like trees dropping leaves we forsake summer dreams. Christmas is glimpsed on the far off horizon; meanwhile we gaze in wonder at the beauty of decay transforming the world in glorious hues.

Sometimes life takes you by surprise!


While trying to find an unflooded way to my allotment after heavy rain this sight burst upon me. Of course my mobile’s camera doesn’t catch its brilliance, (picture a brilliant red). There it was right in my path (the only semi dry one) a bright splash of colour amidst somewhat deary greens and browns.

Life is like that too sometimes, the path can seem flooded with problems. You have to keep trying different ways, each equally dreary. then suddenly, from nowhere, a bright splash of colour hits you, bringing vibrant hues of joy and passion your way!

All has its day.


Seasons come and go
Each a special flavor,
Marking out the times within my span,
Summer departs, the glory of sunshine,
Still water and gentle breezes dims.
Flowers fade.
Seeds disperse, ensuring the next generation.
I recall seasons long past,
Indulge nostalgia
When together we dreamed of peace.
I must not linger in summer,
But divest myself of its joys,
Put on longer sleeves,
Turn thoughts to warm heaters, hot chocolate…
Embrace each season’s splendor
Watch for the red tints (I know where they grow)
Kick the leaves,
Enjoy the new swishing songs.
Not mourn the loss of summer,
Embrace always things to come
Even so is life.

Wanderlust visits.



A strange restlessness took me today. Choosing rebelliously to walk back through the lakes, rather than sensibly take the bus in this dull, rainy, weather. I watched the wind scattering the leaves from their summer homes, spinning, swirling, not knowing their destination and an old melody came to my senses. My feet began to itch for the open road, possessions became burdens, security, chains.

This was a constant in my younger days when I traveled the world, living by faith, following God. But it’s been a long time since I felt it breathe through my soul reminding that all is transient, this life itself is transient.

When you stand in the wind of the spirit like this priorities shift, fog clears, things all make sense again, and a feeling of transcendent joy fills your heart. You become free once more.

Dream Master 2


(from September 2014

Song Bird Songs

falling leaves

They wait in the serenity of the forest, breathing in stillness, spirits calm, eyes taking in shafts of light filtering through the canopy above. Birds pepper the silence with songs of freedom and the fresh smell of earth invades their nostrils. They don’t know why they are here or what called them, only this is where they are meant to be. Called from many places, transported on the breath of dreams to this spot, they linger, glancing at each other. A tiny leaf swirls, drifting from its place among the foliage. Separated from its peers the wind bears it as it wanders slowly downward. A bud that swelled in pride and opened its mouth to the sun has shriveled and let go its hold. It sighs upon the wind seeing no purpose in its demesne, not seeing the eyes tracing its course upon the air. The wind unseen, the leaf…

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