31 Day Challenge Day 8


What are your worse habits?

OK I confess! Procrastination. Sometimes I go so slow I almost stop (a reason also I don’t have a driving licence). It’s not laziness in my case (promise, fingers crossed) nor is it a lack of ability to go fast. I can move at great speed sometimes once I’m sure what I’m meant to do. No, it’s more being overly cautious, afraid of making a mistake, which can be intensely frustrating to faster souls.

Hmm… what other bad habits do I have? Putting my elbows on the table when eating, it’s just so much more comfortable. (I hate folks who lecture about this with a mouth full of food swilling around! Ugh!)

Going barefoot (I still do it as much as I can get away with) but that’s a summer only habit and personally I don’t consider that or the elbows as bad (they just happen to be some folks pet peeves).

Interrupting what someone’s saying because I just have to get that statement that’s burning my heart up out. This is a bad and unloving habit showing a lack of concern and respect that I’ve tried many times to stop with varying results, guilty as charged!

Can’t think of any others right now (had plenty of years to work on things) but if I asked my kids they probably give me a longer list LOL!