It’s that time again!



It’s time for reunions, celebrations and chats. Time to catch up on a whole year (or more) of togetherness. A time of new beginnings, change and inspiration, a time to be there for each other.

Tomorrow my daughter and grand-kids fly in from China for their yearly visit and in 10 days my youngest will join me from Mexico for a few months while her hubbie sets things up for their move to Germany.

You’ll please excuse the next few weeks of chronic blog neglect! I wish you all a similarly wonderful time with those you love.

Happy birthday Blog!



I just saw the message “Happy Anniversary with!” so it’s been a whole year since my first tentative attempts to learn about the strange (and scary) new world of blogging.

I seem to have learnt so much and “met” so many wonderful folks. It has surely been an inspiration to find so many “out there” that care about others and the wonderful world we live in, lots and lots of “kindred spirits”. So thank you to all of you that have written and read, liked and commented, over the past year. It’s been so inspiring swapping posts and ideas. I’ve broadened my horizons in so many areas, IT, new cultures, health, politics, even gardening, and chilled reading some of the terrific poetry and literature out there. I’m excited to venture into my second year with a little more know how under my belt (but still learning).

Since streamlining my blog and wading through a lot of old posts etc. I’ve decided to reblog some of those “oldie goldie” ones I started out with as they each reach their “birthday” dates so there’ll be lots of flash fiction and stories reappearing from their dusty archives.

A toast to the new year ahead! (Where did I put that bottle of wine!)



Back in my “ivory tower” I’ve decided to organize my postings better, plus add some sneak previews of the first two chapters of my yet to be published book (I’d love any comments/feed back on this).
So my tentative schedule will be:

Sunday – spiritual
Monday – life posts (what I’m up to)
Tuesday – flash fiction (short stories of around 300 words)
Wednesday – thoughts
Thursday – book preview
Friday – thoughts
Saturday – flash fiction.
Now if there’s some aspect you like to read (or avoid!) you’ll know which days to come by.
I’d also really like to change my comments section to say “love to hear from you” does anyone know how to do that?