Back at last!


After several weeks of internet problems, a heavy and dibilitating cold and the enormous learning curve of a new laptop with new programs etc. (and not being able to find my Word press password to use on it) I’m finally reconnected, updated (somewhat lol!) and recovered ready for my favourite time of year Christmas!

Appologies to all my comrade blog writers for extreme neglect in both posting and reading.  Looking forward to all your wonderful Christmas posts!

songbirds sing.


Message to self.

My posts have been tending to get increasingly negative. While idealism and compassion are good and some things need to be exposed, this blog was intended as an expression of praise and gratitude. I need to get back to my original precept.

Song birds sing even when it rains!



from September 2014

Song Bird Songs


Thoughts, like ripples passing through the water, catching at the strands of the “web”, echoing through its canyons, bouncing from one source to another as the circles grow bigger encompassing more minds, more blogs, more pages, more twitters.
Careening through iron and bamboo curtains, navigating the globe in seconds, they expand or sink into oblivion, drops, though sinking beneath the surface, adding their tiny substance to the rising water levels.
Like notes of far off songs they collide with each other, battles fought on clinking keys and I pads. Thoughts are powerful and dangerous things.

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31 day challenge day 31!


(Yeh made it (with the exception of the old photo day (couldn’t figure how to transfer it (too old! lol)

Why do you blog?

I first started my “love to read love to write” blog at the suggestion of a writing college.

Knowing I my wish to eventually publish my books etc. she said,” I’ll save you two years. Start a blog, and face book and twitter sites now.” So It began as a purely practical venture, knowing sooner or later (whether traditional or self publishing) I’d need to market my own stuff. However on first exploring the sites I began to see the potential of blogging for it’s own sake. (Hence my introduction – see about).

Since then I’ve become more and more interested in others blogs (how selfish to initially be just thinking of promoting myself). Now I enjoy the interaction and gleaning gems of beauty, inspiration and insight from others just as much as indulging my bent for writing. The world is a wonderful, multifaceted place, alive with different colours and hues, the blog sites reflect this. Happy blogging!

31 day blog challenge


couch pic

I’m going to try my first blog challenge (fingers crossed!)

Day 1 is a recent photo and intro. this is about the nearest I can get as unlike most ladies I have an aversion to cameras. This one is about a year old.

Very brief intro. (I’m keeping things in reserve against the 20 things about you day lol!) I’m 63 years old, retired and live near London in a beautiful old English town. I love to write, paint, and learn new things (like blogging!)

About Song Bird


song bird

As some of you have discovered I started a second blog just before Christmas (thanks for visiting, so nice to have you drop by!)

Love to readlovetowrite’s main purpose was to share and improve my writing skills (whilst enjoying those of others) with a view to eventually becoming a published author, but I found my longing to express my faith and wonder at God’s love and creation pulled in a different direction. I wanted to “sing my joy” but was concerned not to overwhelm any of my less God orientated counterparts.
“Song Bird” was my solution where I can enjoy sharing my faith and awe without compromising my writing goals. (The two do overlap of course.)

Many years ago, for my fine art degree exhibition, I made a piece of environmental sculpture. The walls were masked by cheese cloth and all the pieces modeled in white. Colours came from a “game board” between two central figures (male and female). It constantly changed hues and cast complementary shadows as it rotated a commentary on life and its changing aspects.

Though there were no seats it became a popular place for folks to sit, chill, even eat. They felt at peace there pondering the splendor of the fluctuating colours.
I hope Song Bird can become such a place were folks can relax and take in the beauties of life in all its aspects and fly with me among the blessings of God.

My thanks for the help and support many of you have given me over my time exploring the strange new world of blogging, it’s been great hearing from you and enjoying your posts and comments. You’ve made the big learning curve needed for someone as “IT challenged” as me so much easier to negotiate!

Looking back.


look mountain

I find as I get older looking back tends to make me feel a little dizzy, like when you glance back down a mountain you’ve climbed and the past things look so small and distant. Time seems to not only fly but even the summer already seems years ago, so much has happened this year.

The most momentous events have to be two weddings that will forever set this year apart. My eldest daughter’s was a perfect, fairy tale second wedding (compiled of two years of planning and hard work) held in a beautiful 1,000 year old Italian castle on the edge of the alps completing the impossible love story of two very special folks finding true love again despite the miles that separated them.

The second wedding (my youngest daughter), was a more humble affair in Mexico where she met her German husband while both working as volunteers. So much went awry, the caterers canceling two days before, the venue broken into and wrecked, and finally waiters who had no idea how to mix and serve drinks, (such is Mexico) but it was made special by the total outgoing love and concern of the guests, cooking food, taking over the bar, getting everyone on the dance floor (and later in the pool.) The two weddings were as different as chalk and cheese but each wonderful in its own way.

What else this year? Facing my IT gremlins and starting “love to read love to write” and more recently “song bird”. It’s been a steep learning curve and I’m still climbing! Then there’s starting the new book I’ve been trying to write for a long time, finally getting the balance of fact and fiction woven right. It’s also been my first ever year living alone with all its adjustments, having to make an effort to get out of my “ivory tower” now and then to make new friends and look up old ones.

There’s just one unresolved mystery still to solve, strangely I’ll discover how that pans out on New Years Eve. What is it? That one’s my secret!

Dumb Bunny Blogging!


(Well I was born in the year of the rabbit). 

After several months I still seem to be just finding out what works for me (due in part to a total lack of IT training). My question was:

How do I use blogging as an outlet for my creative skills without it taking over my life or dictating my posts? What’s the balance?

It’s always been this way in my life, I know what’s expected, how things work within “the systems” but I refuse to compromise my moral frame of reference to comply. I know if I added some creepy supernatural stuff to my fantasy writing I could probably find a publisher (as daughter a “gifted” psychic it wouldn’t be so hard to ace that) but that’s not what I want to promote.
Blogging is the same, I’ve read a lot of “how to’s” from the famed “Opinionated Man” and other sites (I enjoy his stuff!) but some how the idea of blindly pressing a follow button for 500 new people every day just doesn’t jell for me (no prob. with those that do, it’s just not me). One bit of advice he gave I do try to stick to though is to write what you want rather than try to think what your “audience” might read.
I found it hard to do this though as those nasty little thoughts would keep on re- occurring – how many likes will this get etc.? I also find it hard to evade the “guilt trip” when someone leaves tons of likes on my blog and I’m not able to reciprocate (I never press like unless I mean it!)

I also had a mental picture of my blog in black leather stance; whip in hand should I fail to keep up my daily postings. The consensus being that you need to blog daily for the first 6 months to get established.

girl with whip

So anyway what was my dumb bunny break through?

For the last week I’ve disciplined myself to first spend an hour a day on my reader and when the hour is up stop. Only after that do I write/post my daily post. I don’t suppose this will work for everyone (I am retired except for grandson after school duty) but it really works for me. I get so inspired reading all those great posts out there that ideas just flood in and if that nasty little voice comes in saying, “your just trying to promote your own stuff!” he doesn’t have a leg to stand on (I hate marketing and promotions with a perfect hatred).
A side benefit of all this is even if I don’t get to read all the stuff on my reader what I do read I go slow enough to digest and enjoy. My blog “rat race” is over!

(I’ve also decided to do away with my “certain things on certain days” idea as it tends to be too limiting.)