My first post on May 25th 2015.

Song Bird Songs

A new realm to explore – blogging!

Apprehension turns to fascination as slowly I begin to reconnoiter these new domains. No stranger to communication I’ve tended to avoid the world of technology in favour of living breathing humanity. Then exploring I realised the potential.

There are the images one sees every day on the street, or hanging from a strap in crowded commuter trains, but inside under the veneer hide creatures of infinite depths, each a universe in themselves.  Blogs, tapping those depths, reveal glimpses of the most fascinating of all domains the human entity, each in its own surrounding cosmos.

So who am I then?

I never fit well in any box but words may help – idealist, artist, writer, traveler, radical Christian, teacher, mother, volunteer, counselor and perpetual student of life. I am at my happiest, absorbing, creating and communicating.

I’m at home in many worlds, many cultures…

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Help! (For the IT challenged).


Anyone know how I can change the little picture that comes up when I make a comment etc. – the smug cat really doesn’t go with the new song bird title LOL! (They seem to have changed things since I chose the cat pic. and now I can’t figure it out.) I don’t remember doing the avatar thing if it’s that ???

Warning Spring Cleaning!



Due to wonderful impending news (my youngest daughter and three year old son are coming to stay for several months this summer while her husband gets set up in Germany) I’m seeing a need for some streamlining and organisation of my two blog sites (“love to read love to write” and “song bird”) in fact a merger is very likely!

As I tend to be rather “technologically challenged” (I’m getting better! LOL!) this will probably be a matter of trial and error so please excuse all the mistakes I’ll may make over the next few weeks.

To add to the confusion, I’m hoping to retain the love to read blog but rename it “Song Bird” as I like the name and long term it seems to describe the blog better (my story writing can’t keep pace with daily posts so it’s become far more of a smorgasbord).So if you see one or the other blog suddenly disappear by accident (or no longer seem to be in use) try the other. I’d hate to loose touch with you all!

(The good news is she’s IT savvy and a terrific writer! Maybe I can get her to do some posts etc. – chuckle!)

31 day challenge day 25


woman question

Your five favourite blogs?

OK this is where I throw in the towel. I saw this one coming about a week ago and ever since then I’ve been trying to decide. I’ve even made lists and tried to edit them down but it’s impossible. I just like so many blogs and for all kinds of different reasons, some because they they are my blog taste (literary with integrity and beautifully woven words) some because they embrace causes I’m in sympathy with, Christian, social, ethical or preservationist, some because they are about things I know nothing about (Africa, fashion, music etc.) some because of the great photos or lay out, some just because they are a bit zany and I like to be crazy now and then.

So, sorry, there are some I frequent more than others but there’s no way I could narrow that down to five (or twenty five). There are just too many great blogs out there! I could spend all day exploring but I have to ration myself so I don’t turn into a “blog worm”!