Fear is a Choice.


fear kitty

“Fear is a choice, danger is real”. I’ve yet to see the movie but the words struck a note in my heart. That’s true I thought. Fear immobilizes, drains power, curdles our wits. It’s mostly the calm, rational ones that survive crisis situations. Fear is the enemy! Not the awareness of danger causing us to avoid hazardous situations, but raw, paralyzing, all invasive fear that robs us of power to deal with peril.

So can fear be a choice? Surely it is an emotion and we can’t control our reactions. It’s true initial emotions are beyond our control, but there’s a point at which we “open the floodgates” to let them pour in overwhelming the mind and heart. Fear can be fought.

We learn this when there is no one else to call on. A parent protecting a child will often go far beyond their normal courage.

I’ve had a life long phobia of spiders, but living alone now I’ve had to overcome it. (Smaller ones are encapsulated and relocated outside and big ones – well they should know better than to be in my apartment!) Every time I have to get a handle on my fear – it’s me or them! Of course my spider phobia is a small thing, there is no real danger involved, but the principal is the same for real danger too. You must slam the door on the fear invasion, so you can rationally choose the best course of action.

It takes practice (beginning with small things like spiders) but anyone can do it. It’s harder for those who have someone they can lean on to deal with it, as its so much easier (especially for us women) but though leaning is nice when available we also need to be able to handle a crisis when that someone is not around. Being able to do so may one day make the difference between life and death for us or our loved ones.