31 day challenge day 7


What is in your handbag?

Er… actually it’s empty (save perhaps the odd bus ticket or tissue). You see I hardly ever think to use my handbag (special events only). Getting around mostly by bike I tend to habitually use a backpack (Even when not cycling). You can stuff it with shopping, books, clothes etc. etc. so much more practical.

So I’ll rephrase the question. What is in your backpack?

Hat, scarf, gloves (it was chilly this morning.)

Wallet, glasses case (I have the glasses on to type), 2 band aids, 3 ibprofen tablets, pen, small pack of tissues and the constant old shopping receipts.

(I’m a practical gran LOL!)

31 day challenge day 7


Your Pet Hates.

Ah this one is easy! After many years as a teacher and parent I’ve got these tagged!

Selfishness, unloving behavior and lying.

My kids would tell you that from the frequency, and intensity of their lectures on these subjects LOL! (That’s why they turned out such saints!) I have zero (internal) tolerance for these things and “friends” exhibiting these qualifies to any extent tend to get dropped rather rapidly.

Selfishness tends to be rather tolerated (even promoted by greedy advertisers) these days, but I’m from a different post war generation and learnt young to share and look out for each other. This mind set still exists in many nations, I’m sad that in my beloved England it seems to be fast vanishing in this generation.

A lack of love and concern goes along with the selfishness. I’d consider my grandson a very caring little chap but even with him I often need to point out when he is being unkind or mean to others. It doesn’t seem to be as obvious to him as my kids found it. I blame the media a lot for this – heroes and role models in my day were usually kind and compassionate with good manners.

Lying? A lot stems from my Yorkshire father.

For those who are unacquainted with the famed qualities of Yorkshire-men, among other things (quiet strength, strong independent natures, loyalty etc.) they are known to be almost offensively honest (no “white lies” permitted). If you want the truth ask a Yorkshire-man! (At least that’s how it was back when I was growing up). I hugely loved and respected him so emulated this.

31 day challenge day 3


My favourite quote?

That’s hard I have hundreds of favourites! I love how a tiny quote can stand alone conveying such profundity

At present with all the news that requires a box of tissues by my laptop I have to say (along with my Song Bird post) my favourite is probably:

“I had fainted unless I believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living”.(Bible)

It brings hope for the world to my heart.

31 day blog challenge



couch pic

I’m going to try my first blog challenge (fingers crossed!)

Day 1 is a recent photo and intro. this is about the nearest I can get as unlike most ladies I have an aversion to cameras. This one is about a year old.

Very brief intro. (I’m keeping things in reserve against the 20 things about you day lol!) I’m 63 years old, retired and live near London in a beautiful old English town. I love to write, paint, and learn new things (like blogging!)