Life’s tragic tale.



How very applicable to life!

We all start with the same kind of potential. Do we let the harsh sun of reality dry up our souls till we become like raisins, old and withered, or, do we allow ourselves, (though downtrodden by dominant feet) to take in life sustaining moisture, endure a long fermentation process, in which our very nature slowly changes (often in the dark) to become a heart warming, joy giving, substance welcome at any gathering?

The choice is ours!

31 day challenge day 10



What’s in my fridge?

This says a lot about my lifestyle! lol!

1) Vegetables (always lots of them. I started eating them more for health and now I’m totally addicted). I like to buy fresh every few days from the family green grocer just round a corner. In summer I grow my own which are far tastier. At present there’s:

Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots,parsnips, brussel sprouts, and mushrooms,

2) Fruit, there’s much more in the summer (artificially ripened fruit just doesn’t taste the same) So now just:

Lemons, oranges and apples.

3) Meat (I’m trying to limit this but I love the taste so…):

Bacon (great for adding flavour to beans lentils etc.) ham and frozen chicken legs in the freezer.

4)Dairy, I don’t buy into the anti fat thing – natural is better in my book ( margarine can’t even be classified as a food, it’s entirely man made?!?! – little rant lol!)

Butter, whole milk and 3 different cheeses

5) Other stuff:

Eggs, mustard, mint sauce, strawberry preserve (the bought kind for my grandson) apple juice (for my muesli – sounds funny tastes delicious – try it sometime!) homemade flapjacks and soup, left over red bean, mince and vegetable stir fry (from last night), and one “naughty item” a jar of mincemeat left over from making Christmas mince pies (well it was Christmas! ha!)

I’m interested to see what the others have. It’s a “hobby” of mine while waiting in the checkout line to peruse others baskets and make life style guesses, “hmm they’re throwing a party, having a barbecue, into snacking, don’t like cooking etc”. lol!

Not the End Till it’s Over


hosp sunrise

Everything seemed at an end. Alice watched as the drip flowing into her arm counted the seconds. Little use they were to her. Life was ending ebbing away as the drops flowed. She could count in hours or in days it made little difference.
Her daughter’s worried face appeared around the door, a brave smile in residence. Grasping Alice’s free hand she pulled the chair close to the bed.
“I came as fast as I could mum…” The words tumbled on the air loosing their meaning. Alice smiled keeping her composure till the last.
“I know you did honey…” Her eyes were heavy, so very heavy; she began to drift back to the days when she held her in her arms a tiny pink bundle of new life. Now the hourglass had turned, their roles reversed. Another figure stepped from the shadows. Her smile deepened – John.
“Mum?” the voice anxious.
“I was dreaming of your father …so long ago now… I’m so tired…” Alice felt tears drop on her fingers. There was only Annie left now all the rest were gone and soon she, herself, would be gone too; poor Annie. She was too tired to think about it now. John was calling. How pleasant to just drift away in dreams… she was too tired to fight.


She awoke to the morning sun forming glittering patterns on the bed. Annie was asleep slouched in the chair. She felt light; the heavy drowsy feeling had left her. Maybe the drip had worked after all?
A young doctor entered surprised to see her awake and sitting up. Annie stirred and murmured something. Checking her pulse and breathing the doctor smiled.
“I don’t quite understand it but something amazing has happened.
“You mean I’m gonna make it?”
“Indeed you are!” His eyes glowed in pleasure.
It was not till later she recalled the dream. John talked with her. He wanted her to come now but she had begged for time, enough time to make sure Annie was OK. That time had been given her, she would not waste a second of it.

(This was inspired by a true story. A mother of three young children dying of cancer begged God for another 10 years to raise her kids. The cancer went into remission. Ten years later it returned, her widowed husband told me the story. I understood how he and his teenaged kids had such a peace about her death.)

What SHOULD Normal Be? (A morning rant!)


We accept many things as “normal” that we should not, war, crime, hate, disease, dishonesty, loneliness, pollution etc. I’m not speaking day dreams or delusional fantasy, but things that lie within the realm of human choice.
I believe this world could have and should have been different; that the “normal” we accept is actually far from what normal should be. If we accept these things as “normal” we lower our expectations.

It should be “normal” that people live to a ripe old age disease free dying peacefully as their bodies slowly reach “expiry date”. Cancer, heart failure, and all the other “nasties” could be the exception to the norm if only choices were made for the good of the population not quick money (don’t get me started on that one!) Even now there are sufficient resources to feed the hungry if folks like Gandi, Martin Luther King and Mother Teresa were in charge instead of self centered greedy corporations and politicians, and the earth could be healed given time. Why do we accept it as “normal” that there are haves and have not?

Why do we stand by as our children are slaughtered (whether victims or perpetrators) in wars fought for commercial gain? Why is there little alternative than for them to join in the soul corrupting deluge that tends to corrupt modern society.
There are so many good people on this earth why should the corrupt rule and we take it as being “normal”?