(Written for a Valentine’s day compilation)

A touch of magic in earthbound place, a thread of the divine,

Colour tints the monochrome, the best in man refines.

From ashes strewn upon the mud of squandered, wretched life

It kindles flame, and warmth, and joy; it brings an end to strife.

Most precious jewel in darkest cave, oft wrought in giant’s press,

It holds its shape neath life’s foul blows and sparkles none the less.

Of all the things we find in life of value and of worth,

Love is the brightest, finest thing to which we can give birth.

Autumn’s Waterfalls.


autumn falls 010

Gushing forth in splendid surges of scarlet, they emerge from their unbeknownst  obscurity, tracing their patterns of crimson growth on dark green leaf canvas.

autumn falls 003

Trailing flower like they fall as water over spilling its confines

in radiant splashes of color.

autumn falls 007

Like tongues of volcanic fire they burst upon the eye en-flaming the landscape.