31 day challenge day 14



If you won the lottery?

(A hypothetical question as I’ve never played it)

My first thoughts were “I don’t really need anything”, but then I thought deeper and realized there are some things that would be nice (if it were a large amount as implied).

  • It would be nice to own my own house rather than renting, something in the country or by the sea, solid, but modest with a small garden (to grow veggies and flowers) and a couple of spare rooms so my kids (and families) could stay.
  • It would be great to be able to help out my two younger daughters, who are still at the struggling stage, especially my youngest and family who hope to relocate from Mexico to Germany (her husband is German) but need another year to save first.
  • Then I’d like to send large amounts to Gaza and Syria for blankets, stoves, housing and medical aid for all those much worse off than me. The greatest joy in having money is to be able to give to help others.

Looking back.


look mountain

I find as I get older looking back tends to make me feel a little dizzy, like when you glance back down a mountain you’ve climbed and the past things look so small and distant. Time seems to not only fly but even the summer already seems years ago, so much has happened this year.

The most momentous events have to be two weddings that will forever set this year apart. My eldest daughter’s was a perfect, fairy tale second wedding (compiled of two years of planning and hard work) held in a beautiful 1,000 year old Italian castle on the edge of the alps completing the impossible love story of two very special folks finding true love again despite the miles that separated them.

The second wedding (my youngest daughter), was a more humble affair in Mexico where she met her German husband while both working as volunteers. So much went awry, the caterers canceling two days before, the venue broken into and wrecked, and finally waiters who had no idea how to mix and serve drinks, (such is Mexico) but it was made special by the total outgoing love and concern of the guests, cooking food, taking over the bar, getting everyone on the dance floor (and later in the pool.) The two weddings were as different as chalk and cheese but each wonderful in its own way.

What else this year? Facing my IT gremlins and starting “love to read love to write” and more recently “song bird”. It’s been a steep learning curve and I’m still climbing! Then there’s starting the new book I’ve been trying to write for a long time, finally getting the balance of fact and fiction woven right. It’s also been my first ever year living alone with all its adjustments, having to make an effort to get out of my “ivory tower” now and then to make new friends and look up old ones.

There’s just one unresolved mystery still to solve, strangely I’ll discover how that pans out on New Years Eve. What is it? That one’s my secret!