31 Day Challenge Day 15


Timeline of your day.

Being retired my days do vary a lot but let’s go with a “normal” weekday.

6-7am Wake up at some point (I hate alarms and never sleep late anyway) Breakfast etc. while reading/listening to something devotional and checking mail.

7:30-8:00 (It varies) My grandson (and sometimes granddaughter) get dropped off, so it’s getting him breakfasted and ready for school.

8:25 (Earlier on rainy days when we need to walk) Cycle to school and back through the lakes, a great start to the day!

9:00 (This is where it gets complicated) Any mixture of shopping, writing, blogging, reading or business (sometimes even housework!)

12:00 Getting hungry so start thinking about food and eat sometime before 1:30.

1:00 – 2:00ish. Run out of steam so if I’m home I lay down for an hour or so and rest with a good book and often catch a few minutes shut eye (A habit formed due to vast time spent in the tropics and southern Europe.)

2:00 ish if I rested early more writing, blogging or on my reader.

3:00 Back through the lakes to pick up my grandson (except Mondays and Thursdays when its 4:00 due to after school clubs)

3:50 Homework and reading time (like pulling teeth! Ha!) Then movie, documentaries, cubs, or karate (for him not me lol!)

6:30-7:00ish Grandson picked up FREEDOM!!! Time to fix dinner and grab a movie or book (I get bored just eating).

8:30- 9:00ish depending on my mood check out face book friends and family, write, do yoga, check out my blog reader, do puzzles to music, (I love puzzles!) or veg with a book.

10:30 – 11:00ish Wind down time go to bed with a book or (If it’s been a tough day) a devotional/inspirational tape.

12:00 Sleep (sometimes earlier if I’m tired and drift away).

(All this is of course assuming a day at home with no visitors or trips in the equation. I think I’m a very lucky bunny!)