31 day challenge day 17


What is your most proud moment?

Actually I’ve always thought of pride as a bad thing, a “root of contention”, justifying atrocities, fomenting hatred, and the arch enemy of love.  The story is told that this was the cause of Satan’s transformation from a magnificent angel of light to a foul demonic entity (sadly I’ve seen it happen with people too).

I could try to think of one of my most cringe-worthy moments when I said or did something in total pride (there have been many, and we never look more ridiculous than when puffed up with pride) but I don’t think that is the intent of the question.

Maybe I could substitute something like a defining moment when I felt a sense of achievement or value. There’s the intense joy a mother feels in her children’s achievements and most of all recognizing their value and integrity as human beings. (Having seven great kids there’s been lots of those!) There’s the satisfaction of achieving a hard fought goal (like breaking the mold of my 1950’s low class school to get an hons. degree).

But I think my most thrilling moment was when I realized that the God of the universe loved little old me just as I am, and he took me in (warts and all) and called me to follow. There are so many billions in the world, that I was privileged to get to know him personally was awe inspiring (though he of course loves all his children that way).