A sordid life?


A caterpillar trudges its weary way surrounded by dirt, trash, sordid hypodermic needles, and discarded condoms (relics of discarded loves). It searches for some forest glade where man’s debris is less abundant. Even there it is surrounded by decay, last years leaves, fungi and ever, where ever it roams, it must watch for predators swooping from nowhere to devour. The caterpillar is reconciled to such a life, encompassed by dirt, it becomes dirty.
Things worsen, encased in darkness it becomes paralyzed, trapped. All this struggle, the constant forage for food, the narrow escapes, the dreary day to day trudge, all to end this way?
Then “one day”, one blessed day, everything changes. The caterpillar is reborn. It breaks forth of its confines, a new creature, no more of earth but of the sky. Dirt and ugliness are transformed to beauty as it rises on new formed wings. It no longer deals in dirt but in clouds. It soars, high above the debris, still seeing yet distanced, to a place it can spot those birds coming. No longer encased in decay it embraces the sky.
We need not wait on death for this transformation.; today can be our “one day”.

Just a sign in an antique shop window.


It’s strange how some tiny “key” opens giant doors in your mind, as if God himself had whispered some profound truth. I’d seen the old sign many times as we passed the shop to and from school, but till yesterday I’d never noticed the line, “Live like Heaven is come on earth”.

It hit me like a ton of bricks, don’t wait for it to come in actuality, live that way now! It’s very hard to explain in words. Heaven is here already, God’s love living in our hearts.To bring something to pass you must first be able it visualize it, that’s how miracles happen someone visualizes and believes.

Reading any news report we can see that Heaven has yet to take over from the hate, greed and selfishness of earth, yet we can live as if it has in our hearts, our actions. I agree with Napoleon, “impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools.” I’ve done a great many “impossible” things in my life. World peace is impossible, an end to poverty is impossible, an end to hate, greed, selfishness is impossible, but is it? If we all lived as if Heaven had come on earth these things would end of themselves and even if we are one among thousands somehow that tilts the scale just a little, like happy gas released into the atmosphere and within our little bubble we could know and share the joys of Heaven..

Planet 84. (Sci-fi flash fiction)



The tiny pod lingered in the vastness of the universe. He was alone, barely enough fuel to make in to the surface. Sweat beaded his brow. Would he make it? Around him the pod bore the scars of its ejection through the meteor shower precipitating the end of the doomed star ship limping home, defeated, to a dying world. They’d gambled and lost. Now his species faced extinction, would he be the last he wondered, alone on planet 84?

Looking out of the window he marvelled at the glory of the galaxy around him, the neighbouring planets of solar 19. He could see it now, planet 84, his place of exile. He flipped on the analysis screen. That it had water, a breathable atmosphere, he knew, but it had yet to be fully investigated. He’d be the first human to set foot on its glowing orb, (if he made it that was…)

There was nothing he could do now but wait, wait as its radiant sphere loomed closer, glowing in the inky sky. It was not unlike his native Earth had once been, before rendered uninhabitable, pristine oceans, white cloud masses set against green brown lands. He’d seen pictures of earth, retained from the first space flights long, long ago, but seeing with his own eyes was different, a healthy, thriving planet alive with growth. What creatures would he find there? Might there be others like him, humanoid? He doubted it, in their frantic search for a new home they’d found none, only the devilish carnivores that called themselves Illumi and feasted on newly discovered human flesh, farming them like animals for their consumption. The fleet had been the last vestige of resistance, hidden in the depths of the dying earth. They had risked all in a futile attempt to save their people, but they had failed. Now, alerted to the possibility of rebellion, the Illumi would annihilate them. Tears streamed down his face, there was no one to see, no one at all.

They had entered its atmosphere. It looked like he was going to make it. Gazing down at the surface spinning past he was overwhelmed by its beauty. Turquoise oceans spotted with islands sparkled in the sun; mountain tops lifted their snow topped heads to the sky. Shifting to manual override he checked his fuel gage … It should be enough. This terrain looked familiar. He slowed a little. Three large triangles loomed through jungle canopies, definitely constructed by intelligent life, but would they be as the Illumi?

He’d seen them before, but where? No! It couldn’t be! But it was! His journey it seemed had not only been one of space but time. Below he saw the tribes people scatter as he touched down in what he knew one day would be Mexico.

Water meditations.



Water flows onward, as it has since its beginning in its never ending cycle of cleansing, soaring, falling and flowing ever seeking the humble path. As it wonders it embraces the earth, carrying fragments in its remembrance toward the all encompassing ocean, its surface capturing and reflecting the surrounding beauty. I love the water. I wish to find myself reflected there.