Nepal’s Dangers.


truck too

The two pictures where taken from a humanitarian truck on which my friend was helping deliver basic necessities to some of the more badly affected areas.

He states “Now you can see why I asked you all to pray for us.” Add to the already dangerous road the recurring after shocks, landslides and recent second quake. His former statement that they were on a bus returning from delivering needed items when the 2nd quake hit took on a whole other meaning to me!

I traveled some roads like this in North East Taiwan after the big quakes there and it was extremely scary (any lacks in my prayer life were all caught up by the time we arrived).

So my believing friends out there please continue to keep these precious folks in your prayers.

james truck

Nepalese Faith.



This effected me profoundly because it was posted by my Nepalese friend living and helping in the affected areas. The previous day’s post had told how they’d been returning from distributing aid in one of the worse affected villages when the second big quake rocked their bus. It must have been hugely discouraging.

I know he’s living in a tent as his home was damaged, I know some of his family’s homes are too badly damaged to repair, but I also know some of the orphans he gave his life to bringing up are likewise out helping others.

I cannot help but applaud the faith and courage of the Nepalese people. I wonder if my own would withstand such a storm.