Sublimely Happy Bunny!


from November 2014 (this year we are three happy Christmassy bunnies!)

Song Bird Songs

chr. rabbit
No I’m not in love and I haven’t won the lottery but I just can’t seem to keep it in.
Maybe I should at least cloak it a bit, people are beginning to notice. It was remarked on by a guy at the market yesterday.
“What’s made you so happy then?” he didn’t understand my answer.
He just looked puzzled and said, “a bit early isn’t it?”
My smile gets bigger and there’s no way I can hide it. Every time I see Christmas décor or hear a carol my eyes mist up and my heart swells till I can no longer contain it. Like a thirsty sponge I just absorb the sweet water. After the drought and ugliness of Halloween it’s like a drink of fresh clear water, better yet a swig of sweet wine – exhilarating!
It must be a taste of how, when Satan has brought…

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